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City of Marion invest in operational efficiency and innovation

The Client

Situated in Adelaide’s south-western suburbs, the City of Marion’s vision is innovating a future for the city and its residents. A priority to the City of Marion is to empower new ideas and the latest technologies to improve their services and facilities in order to create a vibrant community with opportunities for all. Leading the way in governance innovation, the City of Marion implemented Doc Assembler and Docs On Tap to enhance internal processes and deliver improved outcomes to the community.

The Challenge

The City of Marion wanted to enable greater efficiency and improve internal processes to empower a productive and agile workforce. Their previous system was not compatible with their current systems such as the Office Suite and therefore required a new platform that allows integration with their existing systems. Another requirement was to automate manual tasks using collaborative tools to fast-track tedious tasks and reduce delays in meeting deadlines.

The Brief and Development

City of Marion sought a modern software application that would help them simplify internal processes, including:

  • Ability to use and amend templates
  • Manage workflow process for multiple approvers
  • Synchronisation for offline access
  • Allow for document version control
  • Collaboration between multiple authors
  • Paperless document storage and management
  • Protect and handle confidential documents
Leveraging the technology of the cloud, organisations can work faster and smarter by automating cumbersome manual processes. Doc Assembler and Docs On Tap provides a connected view of the agenda and minutes reporting process, enabling team collaboration and improving governance processes.

The Outcome

Innovation is at the core of the City of Marion and embracing change is key to organisational growth and improvements. As part of their digital transformation journey, the City of Marion invests in modern technologies to ultimately lead to cost-effective solutions and make a positive impact on the organisation.

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