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Docs On Tap

Paperless document management
and distribution solution for ultimate efficiency

Local Governemnt employees use doc on tap by Harbour Software as there document management system

Docs On Tap is a flexible app that enables the management and distribution of documents and content in the correct formats to the right people. The end-to-end document management system stores your documents and files via the cloud and provides a simple interface with the functionality to create structured folders and configure user permissions.

Key Features

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Working cohesively with Doc Assembler, end users can gain instant access to formalised agendas, reports, and documents immediately after they are published. Docs On Tap allows for live voting, making the decision making and minutes taking process easy and efficient. This enables meeting participants to cast their vote electronically via the app, and automatically update the minutes within Doc Assembler. Modernise and streamline your document management and meeting voting process today.
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Gain instant access to formalised published documents

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Harbour Software will consult with you to meet your organisational requirements to deliver document management, collaboration and distribution software solutions. Distribution of meeting agendas and minutes is made easy with Docs On Tap, allowing organisations to improve their communication, collaboration, participation and engagement.

Our training solutions can be deployed remotely or via on-premise delivery. We will work with you to coordinate the onboarding process to ensure successful user adoption.

Ongoing support services are available to ensure our solutions are meeting your requirements. Our help desk team are more than ready to help you maximise the benefits of our cloud-based products.

Our pricing model is designed for your convenience, offering flexible options based on a site license basis. Contact us to request a demo today.

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Docs On Tap

Paperless document management
and distribution solution for ultimate efficiency