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Moonee Valley City Council acquires cloud-based software for end to end agenda and minutes solution

The Client

Located between four and thirteen kilometres north-west of Melbourne’s CBD, the City of Moonee Valley is a vibrant community with around 130,000 residents. To serve the City’s diverse community interests, structured and well-prepared Council meeting agendas and orderly minutes are critical to reach the City’s strategic objectives.

Organising successful Council and Committee meetings is dependent on the agenda and minutes created. Well prepared agendas and accurate minutes ensure that the council’s decision process is properly documented, promoting transparency and accountability. Harbour Software collaborated with the City of Moonee Valley to deliver a comprehensive agenda and minute solution to help them achieve good governance.

Selection Process

Moonee City Valley Council went out to tender, searching for an agenda and minutes software that can help facilitate the Council and Committee meeting process. A few tender applicants were interviewed, and Harbour Software’s solution was selected based on our holistic approach to delivering an innovative cloud-based agenda and minutes software.

One of the primary requirements set by the City of Moonee Valley was the capability by the service provider to deliver a high level of customer service. This requirement was brought into a higher focus during COVID-19 with some Council staff working from home, it was important to the City that we were able to offer training and support in a remote environment.

Harbour Software was able to draw on examples and showcase their experience of working with various local government agencies to explicate the benefits of Doc Assembler and Docs On Tap.

The Brief and Development

Moonee Valley City Council chose to go with Harbour Software’s services and products based on the following priorities:

  • Cloud-based application to enable accessibility  
  • Excellent customer service offering
  • An agile and flexible product to adapt to the Council’s requirements
  • Create structured agendas and minutes easily
  • Provide training and support in a remote environment

Mooney Valley City Council went further by requesting a different requirement that allowed them to incorporate their agenda schedule into the platform. This measure means that they have an alert and calendar feature allowing users to view the items all in one place. Taking this feedback on board, Harbour Software took this as an opportunity to improve and expand the functionality of our products to provide the benefit for other Councils.

The Outcome

As a cloud-based service provider for local government, Harbour Software focuses on harnessing the power of cloud computing to provide tailored solutions to Councils, enabling them to make informed decisions and better serve their communities.

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