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Shire of Harvey inspires good governance through digital transformation

The Client

Renowned for its orchards and beautiful rolling landscapes, the Shire of Harvey is local government authority located in Western Australia’s South West region. With a passion for community service, the Shire searched for digital solutions that would empower their staff, streamline their governance operations and ultimately help them better serve their community. There is significant opportunity for local governments across the country, like the Shire of Harvey, to leverage emerging technology and improve their internal business operations. The Shire of Harvey partnered with Harbour Software as part of their digital transformation journey.

Selection Process

The Shire of Harvey’s main objective was to streamline their internal processes in order to reduce the time required to assemble agendas for council meetings. It was also important for the Shire to keep their council documents uniform, using creative templates to maintain consistency in the presentation of the documents. Once created, the Shire was eager to find a way to keep all related documents together and easily accessible from any device or location. The Shire of Harvey requested quotations and product demonstrations from several service providers to find a comprehensive agendas and minutes solution that suited their needs. The demonstration of Harbour Software’s cloud software, Doc Assembler, impressed the Shire and appeared to ‘tick all the boxes’ in regards to feature and function.

The Brief and Development

The key factors that led to the Shire of Harvey proceeding with Harbour Software’s Doc Assembler solution were: 

  • Ability to establish workflow processes to manage documents within internal stakeholders
  • Reporting functions which include assigning tasks and deadlines
  • Delivery of a digital hub to store and access documents from anywhere, at anytime
  • Ability to automate work processes and streamline workflow
  • Uniformity, and the ability to keep the ‘look and feel’ of agenda documents consistent
  • Harbour Software’s ability to provide ongoing support and customer service

By harnessing digital technology, the Shire of Harvey changed how council documents were produced, enabling flexible working and resulting in a lift in business productivity.

The Outcome

The Shire of Harvey was successful in using technology to streamline governance processes focused on delivering improved community outcomes. Working in partnership with Harbour Software, the Shire has re-engineered workflows through digitised and automated processes, producing immense time savings.

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