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The Shire of Cardinia council document process – streamlined remotely with our modern and intuitive solution

The Client

Located on the South-East fringe of the Melbourne metropolitan area, the Cardinia Shire has an estimated resident population of 112,000. With many meetings and council documents to manage, the Shire recognised a need to automate the meeting agenda and minutes process. The governance team found the process of agenda creation to be incredibly time consuming and further complications arose when work from home measure came in to play due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Shire wanted to mitigate the time spent creating agendas and facilitate remote working using a cloud-based software. As a Council, the Shire of Cardinia aimed to be more productive, more efficient and more modern.

Selection Process

The Shire of Cardinia found their system did not allow a smooth integration with SharePoint and sought a software that would allow enough flexibility to meet their requirements. Staff from the Shire were aware of Harbour Software’s product benefits from discussions with other councils that utilise the software. In addition to the knowledge that Harbour Software’s Doc Assembler product has been designed specific to Local Government requirements appealed to them.

The Brief and Development

The Shire of Cardinia was keen to resolve several issues using Doc Assembler, these included:

  • Cloud based software to enable remote work
  • Allow SharePoint Integration
  • Streamline manager approval process
  • Easy to adopt by organisation
  • Professional templates to improve presentation of documents
  • Remote training and support
  • Flexible and individualised agendas to suit The Shire of Cardinia’s needs

Harbour Software supported The Shire of Cardinia with the transition to working from home by providing remote training services, empowering users to embrace the software quickly and enhance efficiency. A comprehensive training session coupled with an easy to use interface made it effortless for the Shire to implement the software and start collating documents almost immediately.

The Outcome

Harbour Software worked closely with The Shire of Cardinia customising Doc Assembler to suit their needs. Doc Assembler is a web based software designed specifically for local government, providing a comprehensive agendas and minutes solution. Delivering a modern platform for council document management, the flexibility of the software allows for customised solutions to enable a seamless experience.

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