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Well, its been a little while since we last managed to draw a breath and post an update on the growing number of clients opting to come on board with the most modern and fastest growing solution for delivering a cloud based agenda and minutes solution.

Since our last post we welcome on board the following clients:

Its great to see that when presented with the opportunity to consider a modern, web based solution a growing number of clients are opting to go with Doc Assembler and are embracing the many benefits and features that our solution provides. Why are so many clients coming on board – well this snippet of some recent feedback from one of our new clients might go a long way to explaining it – the feedback relates to the production of an 888 page Agenda:

“Thanks for your email and the chat this morning and for the great support really appreciate it….. it (888 pages) took to 4 minutes to assemble.”

We look forward to continuing to work with our new clients and to delivering fantastic support to our ever growing client base.