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Doc Assembler v24.07.1 (New Release)

With our clients’ feedback as the driving force for our in-house product development team, we have just released DocAssembler v24.07.1. The new product version offers many new features, including:

Successful rollout for 5 NT councils

Harbour Software Succesful Rollout of 5 NT Councils News

In August 2023, we have been tasked with implementing Doc Assembler, our meeting management solution, on five new CouncilBIZ clients’ sites. These five new Northern Territory councils included the Central Desert Regional Council, the MacDonnell Regional Council, the Roper Gulf Regional Council, the West Arnhem Regional Council and the West Daly Regional Council.   We are […]

Doc Assembler v23.11.01 (New Release)

Harbour Software Doc Assembler Latest Release news

Doc Assembler v23.11.01 will be released on Monday, 27 November 2023. The new version includes the following key features: In addition to the above mentioned features, the new release also includes option to control release of Minutes to the Resolution Register, show warning on opening Minute Processing if an item has no snapshots, assembling Minutes – […]

Doc Assembler reaches over 10,000 individual users

Harbour Software latest 10,000 Doc Assembler user news

Doc Assembler is a robust cloud-based solution for efficient management of agendas and minutes. Harbour Software is proud to announce that the Software as a Solution (SaaS) platform has reached over 10,000 individual users across our client base. Doc Assembler helps management and governance teams to automate the process of compiling agenda and minute documents […]

Harbour Software visits WA and NT to discuss strategic roadmap

Harbour Software latest

Harbour Software’s Support and Implementation Consultants visited several clients in Western Australia and Northern Territory this month to talk through their experience with our cloud solutions and get their feedback on our strategic roadmap for this year. Melissa had the pleasure of visiting our clients from the City of Bayswater, City of Belmont, Shire of Capel, and Shire of […]

Microsoft’s push to move away from Legacy Authentication

Harbour Software News

Microsoft announced that they will be moving away from Legacy Authentication (or Basic Authentication) from October 1, 2022. Legacy Authentication only requires one method of authentication by using a username and password, and these credentials are also often stored or saved on the device. This legacy method opens users and organisations to security threats therefore, Microsoft has decided […]

LG Professionals conferences to promote change and digital transformation

Harbour Software Lg Professionals Event News

Harbour Software had the pleasure of attending two LG Professionals events this quarter to network with our valued customers and showcase our cloud solutions. It was a fantastic opportunity to discuss the evolving challenges in the local government landscape and exchange ideas around the different practices that are being applied to digitise and automate governance […]

Kicking off 2022 with 22 new clients

Harbour Software new client News

Harbour Software welcomed 2022 with 22 new clients – this on average equates to onboarding a new client every 16.5 days! This is a testament to our team and our customer-focused approach to ensure our products and services are providing value to our clients. We look forward to working closely with our clients this year […]

City of Devonport Digital Transformation

Harbour Software Devonport Client News

Harbour Software was very fortunate to be able to contribute to this process in a small way with the introduction of Doc Assembler and Docs On Tap which started just as the first lockdown of 2020 occurred. Undeterred we simply moved all training to online which follows the pattern of the great work getting done […]

Doc Assembler Power Bi and FuseSign Integration

Harbour Software Doc Assembler News

Doc Assembler version 20.12.1 has been released.  It contains the following highlights: Power BI Integration  We now provide the ability to access data for reporting purposes via Power BI – an exciting opportunity to present a visual representation of the data held within Doc Assembler. The following is just a snippet of the type of visualisations […]