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Doc Assembler v23.11.01 (New Release)

Harbour Software Doc Assembler Latest Release news
Doc Assembler v23.11.01 will be released on Monday, 27 November 2023.

The new version includes the following key features:

  • Meeting Planner – provides an enhanced ability to plan, manage, monitor and report on the creation and flow of officer reports e.g. from ELT to Briefing to Council Meeting.
  • Web Publishing – introduces the ability to publish documents to a fully hosted web page.
  • Word Editor for Minutes Processing – the new Word Editor for Minute Processing replaces the HTML Editor version, giving the users access to more formatting features for Minute Types and Minute Input. This allows for easy improvement in the consistency of formatting of inserted minutes.

In addition to the above mentioned features, the new release also includes option to control release of Minutes to the Resolution Register, show warning on opening Minute Processing if an item has no snapshots, assembling Minutes – including / excluding attachments as well as other general enhancements.

Follow the link to see the release notes  and sign up for our New Release Webinar.