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Microsoft’s push to move away from Legacy Authentication

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Microsoft announced that they will be moving away from Legacy Authentication (or Basic Authentication) from October 1, 2022.

Legacy Authentication only requires one method of authentication by using a username and password, and these credentials are also often stored or saved on the device. This legacy method opens users and organisations to security threats therefore, Microsoft has decided to adopt a modern and more effective authentication solution. 

Harbour Software has proactively responded to the change and configured our platforms to use Modern Authentication, ensuring a smooth transition for our clients. This is an example of our capability and responsiveness to adapting to new technologies and change to help organisations stay relevant and successful. 

To ensure that you do not experience any issues with the transition that Microsoft is making, it’s a good idea to have your IT team review the release notes provided relating to this and make sure that Doc Assembler is ready to go with the move to Modern Authentication.