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How to Drive Results with Real Time Document Collaboration

Harbour Software How to drive Results with Real Time Documentation News
Every organisation is seeking to evolve their systems and processes in order to improve efficiency, productivity, accessibility and engagement. Harbour Software is able to provide a platform for both the businesses and government sectors to deliver workplace collaboration through Doc Assembler.

Doc Assembler is an intuitive web-solution software that allows users to perform real time editing and collaboration on different documents seamlessly. Team members are able to work simultaneously on the same document and add notes and comments together. Doc Assembler is able to deliver various benefits to the user and help your organisation to become more efficient.

For example, multiple users within your organisation can work on meeting agenda items, or the subsequent actions items, at the same time. This helps save time on sending documents back or forth and allows for real time changes from multiple users. Doc Assembler also allows users to make and maintain comment threads throughout a document – a useful feature when reviewing and working together on reports.

Teams are able to increase their engagement through instant communication and resolution. Since all members are working within the same space on the same document, cooperation is able to improve with minimal barriers. Every organisation can benefit from an increased level of engagement and accountability.

Tony Siviour (CEO of Renmark Paringa Council), Michael Craig (Harbour Software Business Development Manager)

Riverland G3 Alliance signs off on Doc Assembler

The Riverland G3 is an alliance between the three South Australian Riverland Councils; Renmark Paringa CouncilBerri Barmera Council and the District Council of Loxton Waikerie. The Riverland G3 Alliance formed in 2013 to benefit from economies of scale, increase the range and quality of services and improve lifestyle to their residents and where possible reduce the cost of services to ratepayers through a consultative and collaborative approach.

As part of the G3 council’s ICT Strategy, an Agendas and Minutes Management solution was sought to streamline and automate many of the manual processes associated with the preparation of Agendas and Minutes documents.  This had traditionally been a very time consuming task, often taking up to four hours per meeting to produce.

“When the G3 alliance went out to tender for an Agendas and Minutes Management solution, Harbour software was one of the vendors that responded. It was apparent that Harbour Software clearly understood the council’s requirements and had a solid plan for how the solution was going to be delivered. We have confidence that it’s going to be a great outcome for the councils.” – Mark Huxtable, IT Business Transformation Analyst of Renmark Paringa Council.

With Doc Assembler, they were looking to improve the generation of agendas and minutes and to streamline the process, leading to more time and resources to be focused on other tasks. One feature that really appealed to the Councils was the fact that the product is web-based.

“Doc Assembler being a web-based application means that our staff will be able to work on their reports and agenda documents, even if they are away from the office. Doc Assembler combined with Docs On Tap provide two highly integrated solutions that will not only benefit staff but also allow councillors to receive, review and annotate documents effortlessly from their mobile and tablet devices” – Mark Huxtable, IT Business Transformation Analyst of Renmark Paringa Council.

Implementation is still in the early stages, with Harbour Software providing training at the District Council of Loxton Waikerie this week, moving on to Renmark Paringa Council and Berri Barmera Council in the following weeks. We look forward to continuing to work with the G3 Alliance and providing improvements to their work processes.  

Doc Assembler is the most effective workplace collaboration software for enterprise and government. This is particularly the case when numerous documents with different formats need to be worked on or merged and assembled together into one single publication. Doc Assembler software facilitates collaboration within the workplace by allowing different members to edit documents together from any device, anytime. Contact us today to find out how our web-based solutions can help you.