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Introducing our new Docs on Tap Feature: Share Annotations

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We are proud to introduce our exciting new Docs on Tap feature: Shared Annotations! Shared Annotations will allow Docs on Tap users to share their comments on documents with other users with a simple @ mention, allowing for quicker and more efficient collaboration. Key Features Benefits Get Started Discover innovative document management solutions for organisations […]

How cloud solutions help organisational efficiency, stability, and security

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Cloud computing in its modern context started in 2006 when Google’s CEO at the time introduced the term at an industry conference. However, it has a longer history with its beginnings traced back to the 1960s, with the early concept of time-sharing becoming popular with larger technology firms such as IBM. As computers became widely […]

5 reasons to automate and digitise your agenda management system

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Adopting an agile and bespoke agenda management system can help inspire process improvements and boost efficiency. Creating agendas can be a strenuous manual process for many local governments. The additional challenge of trying to keep track of the latest versions of documents, collating large amount of information and managing workflows can make it a very […]

The benefits of using cloud application for modern governance

Harbour Software The Benefits of Using Cloud Application News

The internet has become a crucial communication and operational tool for all businesses. As such, cloud-based applications have become increasingly valuable to businesses looking to improve communication, collaboration, data storage and other business processes. The organisations that are employing cloud-based application are maximising productivity, reducing operational costs and acquiring competitive advantage in the marketplace. What […]

Enable remote working and collaborate on council documents through Doc Assembler

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Many organisations have transitioned to working from home and adopting various technologies to adapt to remote working. If employees do not adjust accordingly, it can compromise collaboration and productivity within an organisation. It’s important to find the right remote working tool to support productivity and facilitate a viable collaborative environment for all internal stakeholders. Successful […]

How to Drive Results with Real Time Document Collaboration

Harbour Software How to drive Results with Real Time Documentation News

Every organisation is seeking to evolve their systems and processes in order to improve efficiency, productivity, accessibility and engagement. Harbour Software is able to provide a platform for both the businesses and government sectors to deliver workplace collaboration through Doc Assembler. Doc Assembler is an intuitive web-solution software that allows users to perform real time […]