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Introducing our new Docs on Tap Feature: Share Annotations

Harbour Software new docs on Tap feature news
We are proud to introduce our exciting new Docs on Tap feature: Shared Annotations! Shared Annotations will allow Docs on Tap users to share their comments on documents with other users with a simple @ mention, allowing for quicker and more efficient collaboration.
Key Features
  • Ability to share annotations with nominated individual users
  • Ability to share annotations with user defined groups
  • Annotation sharing feature utilises the common @ (mention) methodology
  • Email notification to users with whom you have shared annotations
  • Administrators can nominate folders or individual documents on which any annotations made by end users are automatically shared for that document
  • Ability to filter and search by annotations made by another user or group of users
  • Offline annotations are automatically uploaded and shared with mentioned users once internet connectivity is detected on their device
  • Improve organisational communication
  • Enhanced collaboration between stakeholders with the ease of the @ feature
  • Automated emails to notify users once they’ve been mentioned
  • Easily share annotations with individual users or selected groups
  • Offline access to allow document edits on the go without the need for internet connection
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