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The benefits of using cloud application for modern governance

Harbour Software The Benefits of Using Cloud Application News
The internet has become a crucial communication and operational tool for all businesses. As such, cloud-based applications have become increasingly valuable to businesses looking to improve communication, collaboration, data storage and other business processes.

The organisations that are employing cloud-based application are maximising productivity, reducing operational costs and acquiring competitive advantage in the marketplace.

What is a cloud application?

A cloud application is a type of software delivered through web browsers, rather than accessing through a hardware device’s memory.  It allows users to log-in to a web address to access data and perform certain tasks. Cloud applications are developed through programming languages such as HTML, CSS and JS. The application can then be accessed via the internet using any web browser including Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Safari etc.

The 5 benefits of cloud applications

Cloud applications can provide many organisational benefits and help create business efficiencies. Here are some key advantages of adopting a cloud application system for your business:

Enhanced efficiency
Eliminate redundant manual or static processes and transform your digital strategy to streamline governance procedures. Reduce the time spent working on multiple document versions and get more done in less time. Having all your information and data integrated in one place allows a greater overview of your work and documents, freeing up time to enable reports to be reviewed and updated in real-time.

Access your work anywhere
Access your documents anywhere and anytime via the internet. Cloud applications allow the flexibility to access your work from almost any device or browser. Employees are empowered to set up an office remotely and work from anywhere with an internet connection.

Improved security
Desktop-based software can leave your data at risk if your device is damaged or stolen. Reinstalling the software and trying to retrieve the data lost can be costly and time consuming. With a web-based application, all your data will be stored in the cloud and can be accessed from any device connected to the internet using a secure log-in.

Enable team collaboration
Cloud applications that use cloud hosting can drive team collaboration and enable multiple users to work on a project at the same time. It can serve as a collaboration tool, giving the ability to connect users and make changes to documents in real time without needing to be in the same office.

Customisable to your needs
Cloud applications are often customisable to integrate with business processes. As cloud applications can be customised to meet your specific business requirements, it can be scaled according to your business’s demands and growth.

Cloud applications built for local government

Doc Assembler is a cloud agenda application that provides modern local government software solutions in Australia. The team of experts at Harbour Software has extensive experience working with local government, and an understanding of the finer nuances of creating council meeting documents.

For further information about how Harbour Software can assist your organisation to modernise governance processes, email sales@harboursoftware.com.au to arrange a discussion and demonstration.