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Remote Training Continues Apace

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With most staff working from home the decision by a number of Councils just prior to and following on from the COVID-19 lock down to implement Doc Assembler has proven to be a boon on a number of fronts.

Firstly the ease of access for end users been able to create and manage their reports has really come to the fore without the need to use VPN connections and or remote desktops, all that was needed was access to a browser and the end users were up and running regardless of location and or device. Leveraging of the document collaboration features of Doc Assembler end users could continue to work in real time on documents with other staff without a hitch.

Likewise for the System Administrators, the Governance staff simply switched to working from home and continued business as usual – the virtues of a fully web based solution has certainly been appreciated by our clients over the past couple of months – as one of our users recently commented “if we had of been using our old, desktop based application it would have been a nightmare”.

In regards to the scheduled implementation projects we were able to simply move all training online and keep rolling on.  In the past three weeks Hobsons Bay, Devonport City Council and Cardinia Shire Council have all progressed with the remote implementation of Doc Assembler with all training delivered online using Teams.

In addition to these sites we will shortly be rolling out Doc Assembler for the City of Greater Shepparton, Hepburn Shire Council and Murrindindi Shire Council.